First of all: Yes, my name is Framboize.

That’s it, it’s done … then … 🙂

Framboize who is it?

It’s me !
I am a gourmand, mother of 3 children.
I’m not the future super top chef of the pastry or Master chef in the kitchen of the year …
Far from there ! I do not have that claim.
I cook because I like to eat!
It’s my sin, the drama of my body but the joy of my taste buds.

Table meals have always been important to me.
We always had lunch or dinner with the family at the table.
My children are tall now. Very big … between 20 and almost 30 years old (yes, if you calculate, I’m a little old … :))
They left the house to live their lives as young adults.
Regularly, they called me to know how to make this or that recipe …
It’s lovely … except it was late, often after 23H and they were with lots of friends who were laughing or talking loudly behind them.
So darling told me, “Make a culinary blog … they’ll have access to your recipes whenever they want …”

So we did this blog together with my darling.
He did everything, the technical side.
I made my princess: I want that, and it like that … and my darling he coded so that I have what I wanted … It’s great to have a darling like that 🙂
Then I put some family recipes, our little dishes to us, our gourmet kifs.
And many other recipes have arrived to make the blog grow.
This blog is a trace of the food we liked … (It’s b’y nan?) <3

Recipes that we share with family, friends and also with Internet users.
Because sharing is the basis of cooking in my eyes (and my mouth).

My cooking is an easy cooking, simple to realize, unpretentious, convivial, greedy, which draws its sources in full of origins:

  • Black feet = Spanish and Algerian by my mother
  • French, by my father
  • Tunisian, by my sister-in-law Fanny who raised me for a few years
  • Italian, by my father-in-law Nono
  • Gourmandes … ah no it’s not an origin that .. it’s just the kif 🙂

There are sweet recipes, salty, cocktails, stories of gourmet trips, tests of restaurants, products, brands … Because growing my blog touches everything.

I hope you will enjoy as much as we do!
Welcome to In my Kitchen!

Nothing to add except:
It’s going to be GOUISSIF (mix of words: goût et jouissif) ♥ yes I like to invent words too;)

Enjoy your meal’