All you ever wanted to know about Framboize in the kitchen without ever daring to ask … I’ll tell you here;)
If you want to start a partnership with Framboize in the Kitchen, you need to know what you are doing and what I’m doing.

Framboize in the Kitchen has been on the internet since 2014.
At first, this blog was born so that my children could have access to family recipes as soon as they wanted.
I created recipes.
As a professional photographer, I turned to culinary photography to illustrate my recipes beautifully.
Then the blog got its place on the web.
Unique visitor traffic is constantly growing. The value does not wait for the number of years they say 🙂
My work is starting to be recognized as brands and agencies offer me to make recipes for them.

The editorial line of Framboize in the Kitchen
On the blog, the editorial line is focused on cooking.
Culinary recipes, product tests or restaurants, press trips that make me discover and meet artisans, companies that make culinary news.
On my blog, I propose several times a week, recipes, photographs, cooking tips.
The publications are written by me. The photos are my property.
When I publish an article or recipe accompanied by visuals made by me, these are mine (unless previously agreed).
In any case, a recipe and related visuals can not be reused for purposes – commercial or otherwise – on another medium without my explicit permission.

On the blog and in my publications I practice the politics of the positive.
What does it mean ? Let me explain :
If something disappointed me, I did not like it, I do not talk about it on the blog.
It may be that day that I was in pain or the cook at Restaurant X was bad, or the product was just not to my liking.
I feel that I do not have to go down to a restaurant, a product or anything else on my blog.
The writings remain … I do not want to talk about negative things.
And I think we live in a world so negative that we do not have to add my personal touch to this darkness …
Others do it very well …

Each of the publications is written by me, on subjects of my choice, which interest me personally and which I find interesting to share with my readers.
My publications are systematically relayed on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+) as well as in the weekly automatic newsletter.
The recipes are from my creation. The photos too, unless otherwise stated.
Of course I use internet, magazines or books to inspire me. And if I make a recipe precisely following a recipe published elsewhere I quote the source of course.

Agencies or brands ask me to relay information that may interest my readers.
These solicitations have several forms: an invitation to taste new products, the organization of contests or the request to create a recipe around a theme or a product.
For each of these solicitations, my decision whether or not to comply with an offer is based on my assessment of the interest of the subject or the product for myself and for my readers.
Understand: I do not relay information that seems irrelevant to me, even for a fee.
I’m free to choose what I’m talking about on my blog.

You want to collaborate with Framboize in the Kitchen
Different forms of partnerships are available to you
I can create cooking recipes with (or without) photo visuals
I can write sponsored tickets
I can broadcast in the newsletter
I can set up contest games
I can do product tests
I can do restaurant tests
I can make press trips, which I like a lot I admit because it allows me to discover places, products, women and men … all of which makes a product arrives on our plates. I then share these discoveries on my blog and social networks
I can do your culinary animations
I can become your brand ambassador
… non-exhaustive list and each request is studied on a case by case basis.

The world of work is changing, the way of doing business is too.
I have an atypical career that’s what makes my personality, my professional experience and my skills are more numerous.
Therefore my services adapt with professionalism to your requirements, your budgets, your constraints …

Note that I do not work for glory.
Understand that sending test products in exchange for an article, this is not possible.
I think like everyone else that “all work deserves pay”.

I am amazed that many companies consider that the hours spent designing a recipe, taking pictures, treating them, writing an article and then publishing it, can be paid in mustard jars …
I do not pay my electricity bills or my taxes on cheese or bottled oil.
I do not think you either …
Framboize in the Kitchen is a media like any other. And a publication on a media is paying.
When I publish a publication for remuneration, it is marked “sponsored article”, according to the law.
Of course, these “sponsored” solicitations are remunerated.

You know everything … or almost 🙂
To develop and discuss your projects, the easiest way is to send me an email
Do not hesitate to contact me here
I will be happy to exchange with you!

My media kit can be downloaded here