I continue on my way of bergamot fan …

After the light cake, the curd without butter here is the bergamot syrup.

A real homemade syrup that you can use in many ways.
With a taste that makes you taste buds !!!!

Keep it in the fridge, and this summer you have good lemonade while we complain that it’s too hot …
Finally, you’ll complain that it’s too hot. I never complain about the heat. I love the heat !!!

So to have a drink at the top, here is the recipe of the syrup of bergamot, and as you will ask me the question, finally I think …. it is found at Grand Frais or in organic stores


Preparation 10mn Baking 5mn Waiting 1h00mn
Total duration: 1h15mn
Origin: France

Bergamot syrup

Sirop de bergamote
What are we putting in?

6 bergamot
500 gr of sugar
250 ml of filtered water

How do we do?
  • Take your bergamot and take the zests (the yellow bark) but not the zistes (the white, bitter)
  • Squeeze the juice of the bergamots and keep them in a bowl
  • In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil with sugar and fruit zest
  • Add the juice of the bergamot as soon as it boils
  • Cut the fire and let cool
  • Pour your syrup into a bottle with a cap. To keep cool
  • You can use it with fresh water as a drink, with a dessert, or add a few drops in the tea
  • You will enjoy

Bon ap’

Sirop de bergamote