Come on, one last with Bergamot, I promise I’ll stop.
I already offered you a syrup, a lighter cake, a curd without butter so lightened too but here it is a recipe ultra gourmet cake bergamot that I propose

In fact you take the light cake recipe, you add a little curd of bergamot, a little icing sugar and some raspberries ….

A real treat.

The initial recipes are all already on the blog. And it’s always a cooking omnicuiseur

There it is like an assembly of recipes because it is not greedy at all here, I already told you 🙂

For 4 peoples
Preparation 20mn Baking 45mn
Total duration: 1h05mn
Origin: France

Gourmet version of the bergamot cake

Moelleux bergamote ultra gourmand
What are we putting in?

1 light and fluffy cake with bergamot
1 pot of bergamot curd
1 syrup of bergamot
Some raspberries

How do we do?
  • Make the cake as explained in the recipe
  • Once cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar
  • Add a bit of bergamot curd on the serving platter, to get a little creamy
  • Pour some bergamot syrup to slightly moisten the cake
  • Drop some raspberries, because I like raspberries
  • Treat yourself

Bon ap’


Moelleux bergamote ultra gourmand

Moelleux bergamote ultra gourmand