The gin to ‘… or rather the Gin tonic.
The drink of summer par excellence. A fresh cocktail that was a great success in the 80s.
Well before the fashion of the mojito or spritz cocktails, when we went out we all ordered a Gin to ‘.

The problem is that this cocktail, so simple to make, has been increasingly prepared with gins of poor quality.
This obviously had a negative impact on this cocktail put in the closet with the label: corny.
Come on, I tell you a little history…

The first gin distillery was founded in 1775 in Dunkirk, which was then one of the first ports in Europe on the route of Eastern trading companies whose ships came back laden with spices.

30 years ago, Alexandre Gabriel founded the Ferrand house. Passionate about spirits he is interested in gin.
He wants to make his craft gin. With the knowledge and complexity of the recipes of yesteryear.
When an enthusiast goes to work … the result is magic.

Citadelle, the first French craft gin was born in 1996, it was a good year… My last son was born in 1996… 🙂
A subtle blend of 19 herbs, distilled one by one. Including juniper berries from Château de Bonbonnet. I do not give you the other 18 … it would be like saying a secret…

Citadelle offered the makeover of its container last year, this new bottle, with its blue color as original, is just beautiful.
A vintage side that I like a lot.
The content, remains the same. For our greatest satisfaction.
The glass of the bottle contains fine bubbles that recall the irregularities of the first mouth-blown bottles.Vintage I tell you!
They kept the rhombus of the label and put a more stylized typo. Perfect combo. Congratulations to the creative agency who did that!
This bottle, I keep it as “carafe d’eau” to put on the table, once empty…

But it’s time for a drink, right?
I give you the recipe of my Gin to ‘with elderflower syrup.
Yes yes, you read correctly… I’m doing a variant…
My darling told me, “Oula, but it’s so good!”
So you will test and tell me if you liked…


For 1 people
Preparation 5mn
Total duration: 5mn
Origin: France

Gin tonic, citadelle and elderberry syrup

What are we putting in?

5cl of Gin Citadelle
4cl of elderberry syrup (homemade or at Monin’s)
Ice cubes
Raspberries and blueberries for decoration

How do we do?
  • Fill a nice big glass ball of ice cubes
  • Pour the Citadelle Gin
  • Then the elderberry syrup
  • Pour tonic to the edge of the glass
  • Drop raspberries and blueberries for decoration

Bon apéro

Gin tonic citadelle et sirop de sureau

Gin tonic et sirop de fleurs de sureau