The first time I tasted lemon curd, I thought I was going to cry so much I liked it.

You know, that little lemon cream that’s found on lemon pies.

Well I did not know and there, having a pot at home, I admit that I dropped into the pot with a spoon …

But I wanted to do it myself. In order to be sure of what’s inside.

And thank you internet, it’s still magic, looking a little I found full recipes Lemon curd.

So I made one to my sauce. And with the Thermomix, it’s ultra-easy.
For 1 pot.

Preparation 25mn Baking 10mn
Total duration: 35mn
Origin: France

Lemon curd of lime with Thermomix

What are we putting in?

3 lemons untreated and washed
150 gr of powdered sugar
60 gr of butter
2 whole eggs
1 egg yolk

How do we do?
  • Take the zest of the three lemons, put them in the bowl = 5 sec / vit 7.
  • Add the sugar, the juice of the lemons. Then the butter cut into small pieces = 2mn / 60°C / vit 2.
  • Put the 2 eggs and the yellow = 10 sec / vit 4
  • then 7mn / 80°C / vit 2.
  • Mix quickly for a smoother texture = 5 sec / vit 8.
  • Pour into an airtight jar, style The perfect or jar of jam.

Bon ap’

This lemon curd can be stored 1 week in the refrigerator.
For those who do not have a Thermomix, you can follow the recipe using a saucepan, a whisk and a medium heat.
The way to do it is the same except that you lower or increase the fire under your pan and stir more or less quickly.

lemon curd thermomix